User Interaction Design & Experience

“Design is so simple that’s why it’s so complicated” – Paul Rand Everyone can make designs but making a good design is not an easy task, as easy as it looks the world of UX (User Experience) design is beautiful and fascinating, This book was written with the soul purpose to help it’s reader find valuable concepts, tips, examples and serve as an absolute guide for all those who want to learn UX. This book is specially tailored keeping the reader’s perspective in mind, organising the content such that it becomes easier to navigate for both a novice as well expert. The book comprises self explanatory examples, illustrations, analysis and case studies that shall help you grasp the concept better, and help you perceive the subject with the beauty dwells in it. With experienced doctorate authors formulating the book and students team editing the book in a simple, easy to understand language, the book becomes a friendly guide to look up for reference material.

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